The Artful Deposit Gallery is fortunate to represent some of the strongest talent in the country, with many of the artists enjoying national and international acclaim as well.  It was not always this way. I opened the doors of the first Artful D in the Spring of 1986 in a bank building in a small town in Monmouth County, NJ.

I am humbled by the artists who believed in me and brought their extraordinary talent to my new gallery. They stood by me as I navigated through the growing pains of owning and operating a small business. I am forever grateful to the late Marge Levine, Hanneke deNeve, the late Stefan Martin, and Ken McIndoe for entrusting their artworks with me. This initial group of artists were key to the gallery’s foundation and reputation.  Through perseverance and a whole lotta’ luck I was then able to recruit painters like the late Joseph William Dawley, and the long list of talent goes on from there.

The painting above is from Ken McIndoe’s archives. I love hearing Ken’s stories as he described painting, “Sweet Emily,” 41×72 on hand-stretched canvas, with his infamous lattice wood frame. He said he dragged two easels outside and painted this magnificent New Jersey landscape over the course of three days. Ken said,” the forecast promised perfect weather, but that Sweet Emily did move around a little bit.” This was painted in 1976.

We hope to see you soon in one-square mile, Historic Bordentown City, NJ. Our pocket gallery with the gold walls has gallery hours Wednesday through Sunday and appointments are available.

Happy rest of Summer, 2018 and Have an Artful Day!